Wolverine goes full-on Terminator with a mission to protect the future and a cyborg twist

X Deaths of Wolverine #1 introduces a new Wolverine with a mission and style that echo the Terminator

January 25’s X Deaths of Wolverine #1 picks up the threads of January 19’s X Lives of Wolverine #1, in which Wolverine was sent on a ‘Days of Future Past’ style psychic quest to save the life of Charles Xavier at different eras in his timeline from a time-traveling Omega Red, forming the second chapter in the ten-part weekly story that stretches across both limited series. In X Deaths of Wolverine #1, Logan’s physical body, which is currently under guard by Jean Grey and Xavier himself as they facilitate his psychic mission, comes under attack from one of the most unlikely threats possible – himself, in a new Terminator-like form. How does that work? And how does it tie into the saga of Moira X, which continues in X Deaths of Wolverine #1, following her exile from Krakoa in the finale of the recent Inferno limited series? We’ll unpack it all right now.

Despite its title, X Deaths of Wolverine focuses mostly on Moira X, as she goes on the run from Krakoa, immediately following the events of Inferno #4 (here’s a full rundown of Inferno #4, if you haven’t caught up yet).  The most important bits to know are that Moira’s mutant power of resurrection has been disabled, she’s been exiled from Krakoa, and her arm was severed and replaced with a piece of Doug Ramsey’s techno-organic pal Warlock, who has a unique bond with Krakoa that could be very relevant in what’s going on with Wolverine. Before we get to that, it’s established in X Deaths of Wolverine #1 that Moira is now on the run from Mystique and Destiny, who still plan to kill her after being foiled in Inferno, as well as from the CIA, who wish to capture her as a potential intelligence asset against Krakoa.

There seems to be at least one more person hunting her as well – and this is where Wolverine comes in. Black Tom Cassidy senses a strange growth in Krakoa, thanks to his connection to the island via his mutant plant powers. He tracks the anomaly to a spot on Krakoa where a pod – which Black Tom calls a “tumor” – bursts from the ground. It splits open, and an unseen figure steps out, slashing Black Tom to bits (don’t worry, he’s just going into the resurrection queue). From there, the mysterious figure moves through Krakoa till it reaches the ‘No Space’ – the hidden part of Krakoa that was once the hiding place of Moira X – somehow able to breach its security and retrieve Moira’s white hat, apparently catching her scent. Finally, as Xavier and Jean watch over Wolverine’s unconscious body, the mysterious figure arrives at their hiding place. Jean looks on in disbelief as Wolverine himself is revealed as Black Tom’s killer and Moira X’s stalker, psychically asking the intruder “Logan? I don’t understand… Is that you?”

In response, the second Wolverine, covered in a black and gold techno-organic suit which resembles Warlock’s body and Moira X’s new arm which was made from Warlock’s nanites (and who appears on the issue’s cover) speaks his only line of the issue. “I’m no one,” he states, as he leaps toward Xavier, Jean, and the main Wolverine’s unconscious body, techno-organic claws outstretched. “I was never here.” And that’s where the story leaves off, at least till the next weekly chapter of the story in X Lives of Wolverine #2, and the subsequent X Deaths of Wolverine #2. So who is the second Wolverine? His Terminator-like mission to hunt down Moira X, and his possible techno-organic suit may offer some clues about who the second Wolverine actually is. 

There’s the chance he’s from the future, especially considering the pseudo time travel elements on display in X Lives. Black Tom says that the “tumor” the second Wolverine arrived in didn’t fall from the sky or rise from the earth – meaning it could have appeared in time. But there’s also the chance that the second Wolverine, who grew from Krakoa and who seems to have a techno-organic coating, could somehow be a byproduct of Krakoa’s fusion with Warlock’s tech, as explained in Inferno #4, perhaps looped in with the resurrection pods that allow mutants to grow new bodies and be brought back to life.

There’s an even more sinister element to consider. When ‘Destiny of X’ relaunches the X-Men line in March and April, Wolverine’s team X-Force will face down a villain named Cerebrex, an evolved AI Cerebro unit with ties to mutant resurrection and a deadly mission. X Lives/X Deaths writer Ben Percy, who also writes X-Force, has teased that the story of Cerebrex will grow out of the twin weekly limited series. Could the second Wolverine be connected to that?X Lives of Wolverine #2 (of 5) goes on sale February 3, and X Deaths of Wolverine #2 (of 5) is scheduled for February 10.

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