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At Babylon Collectibles, we believe there is a better way to enjoy our hobbies and the things we love. We’re excited to assist you in expanding your collection in a fun, friendly and laid back atmosphere. We ourselves are very passionate about it and our mission is to have YOU as a friend! We’re committed to put nothing but the finest comics, coins, cards, minerals, and rare finds into every collectors hand!

Babylon Collectibles is your one stop shop for everything and anything a collector could imagine! We love Collectibles! You will find a wide array of comic books from all ages and times, including those that are super rare and hard to find. We also have all the current issues that are published weekly. Stop by and browse our extensive baseball card collections and see some cool sports memorabilia pieces as well. Pick up an old silver coin as a gift for your dad, or find the one that’s missing from your own collection. We offer some very unique sea glass jewelry that is custom made by a local Long Island artist, exclusively for Babylon Collectibles. Visit us to see our incredible collection of natural gems and fossils from all over the world. Our artists have created some beautiful agate pendants. Our store is a place where you can bring your entire family and the kids are always welcome!  We will always make sure we have enough to offer, whether it’s a cool collectible action figure or some unique superhero toy. We love to see kids develop their interest in a special hobby. We would like to meet you, so please visit our store or drop us a line.

Why Choose Us

At Babylon Collectibles we specialize in new and vintage comics.

Whether you’re looking for the newest edition or want to travel back in time to the golden age, we have what you are looking for.  We carry Marvel, DC and everything in between.

Looking to get your vintage comics graded by a professional?  You’ve come to the right place.  We deal with CGC grading experts so you don’t have to.  Want to be alerted when the newest edition of your favorite franchise is released?  We provide that exact service.  And if you ever can’t find what you’re looking for we can special order it for you.

Come down and browse through our huge selection of comics today.  We guarantee you won’t leave empty handed.

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