Within Babylon Collectibles you will discover never-seen-before coins deriving from different cultures and time periods.

Dating back to the 6th and 5th centuries BCE, coins were introduced as a method of payment. They quickly became one of the first ‘collectibles’ in the world. In modern-day society, coin collecting is one of the most popular and widespread passions. However, for true coin enthusiasts it is much more than simply a hobby. The artwork engraved into the coin has converted those fascinated with art into coin fanatics. Here at Babylon Collectibles, our array of coins will capture anyone’s eye; coin-lover or not.

We offer a great variety of old and collectible coins, including rare silver American coins. Additionally, we offer vintage currency and old paper money with both American and Foreign origins. Lastly, for the most dedicated collectors, we have plenty of coin collecting supplies to maintain your collection and to even encourage others to start their own!









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